Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spotlight On: Warriors Crew

One of the newest poppin’ crews hitting the underground Los Angeles scene is the Warriors crew. With a name linked to the 1979 cult classic film The Warriors, this crew has a diverse cast with members from France and the U.S. Their styles are quite different as well; embracing Electric Boogaloo style, animation, and tutting.

One of their crewmates, Marie Poppins, is from France. She won the 1on1 poppin’ contest at the 2009 Hip Hop International in Las Vegas. She is also a member of Foreign Exchange and has competed in recent contests.

You can see a clip of Marie Poppins here:

Two other members, Shockwave and Tinman, have been seen repping in cyphers at Homeland, Carbon, and poppin’ contests in Los Angeles and Orange County. Shockwave has displayed a strong boogaloo foundation while Tinman has excelled at animation.

You can see clips of Shockwave and Tinman here...



And another member, Ouadir, also hails from France. He has competed in contests in Los Angeles and has spent time training with many poppers out here.

We’ve got our eyes on the Warriors Crew in this year of 2010. With their competitive streak, these poppers are definitely looking to make an impact on the scene. We’re anticipating seeing more from them in the next few months.

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