Monday, January 18, 2010

Spotlight On: Funk Assassins

Here's another round of our spotlight features on crews coming up in the greater Los Angeles area. But this time, we're bringing you a different perspective by simply presenting examples of these crews in action via media online, with a brief introduction. By highlighting these crews, we're expressing our hope to see more of these men and women in the near future. They're a treat to watch. First up is Funk Assassins, a poppin' crew that has been hitting the contest scene with several of its major players in the past year. They're a crew with international members from the U.S., Korea, and Japan.

At the Homeland Jam last July 2009, two of the Funk Assassins - Hiroto & Slim Boogie - dominated the 2-on-2 poppin' contest and took first place in the finals. You can see a clip of the action here:

One of the strongest poppers out there is Keumsae, another Funk Assassin originally from South Korea, who won first place at the 1-on-1 poppin' contest at the GCS Santa Ana store this past Saturday, January 16, 2010. She took on several poppers in earlier rounds before facing off against Warlock and Johnny 5 (both Funny Bones crew members) in the finals. You can check her out in a prelim round here:

Funk Assassins is developing as a strong poppin' crew with their battle experience. You can see influences from OGs like Tabo on their dimestopping and intricate hitting techniques. We're hoping to see more of the crew members mentioned above as well as the rest of the Funk Assassins on the battle/contest circuit soon.

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