Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids & All Ages Classes: Adverb at Bea Hive Dance Studio, Wednesdays 8pm

In Garden Grove, there's another great all ages class for kids who want to get exposed to popping, locking, and bboying. This one is at the Bea Hive Dance Studio on Wednesday nights at 8pm, taught by multi-talented street dancer Adverb. He is a co-founder of the hip hop troupe Serious Effect and he represents Mellow Drama Crew and In Rhythm With Him. Adverb is trained in locking by the renown group Chain Reaction and has been performing and judging competitions in LA and OC for several years. He is also listed as a staff teacher at the Bea Hive. (Photo above is from the image gallery of the Bea Hive website.)

Info on the class includes:
Poppin', Lockin', Breakin' Classes
Wednesdays, 8pm-9pm
at Bea Hive Dance Studio, 9627 W. Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, California 92841
For more info, call the Bea Hive at 714.638.5601 or go to

You can see a clip of Adverb performing here at 0:38:

What kids can expect from this class is a comprehensive introduction to poppin', lockin', and breakin' styles. It's given at a very affordable rate compared to other classes in the LA & OC areas. Plus, the large spacious floor at the Bea Hive suits the class since you'll need plenty of room to try out basic footwork exercises for breakin' and some high jumps for lockin'. The class is also recommended for young students who want to learn a little more about the history of these dance styles. Parents will feel at home in the studio as there are waiting areas with chairs and tables, plus the nearby shopping mall offers alternatives to waiting. Once again, this class is a great offering from the Bea Hive staff.

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