Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spotlight On: Distinguished Gentlemen

Our spotlight crew for today is another poppin' crew, Distinguished Gentlemen. They hail from various parts of the Greater Los Angeles area, representing the cultural diversity of the region. "DG," as they are affectionately labeled, have been representing on the battle/contest circuit as well as being supporters of the Homeland community in Long Beach.

In early 2009, DG performed a showcase at the Funk Dungeon contest near the Hollywood and Highlands area. Several of their members are seen including Rayphunk, Eddie, Kosho, Keumsae, and more. You can see their performance here:

They've also been competing at previous Homeland Jams and other local contests. DG is also known for representing the funkiness of the Electric Boogaloo style. They have that West Coast / LA flavor that works well with the individual talents of each of their members. With the Los Angeles scene spawning more poppin' crews all over, we're excited to see Distinguished Gentlemen getting their chance to shine in the spotlight.

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