Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kids & All Ages Classes: BBoy Iceman at Homeland, Tuesdays 6pm

Every Tuesday night, there's one place to be in Long Beach for bboys & bgirls and that's Homeland Cultural Center. From 6pm - 10pm, Homeland hosts a free open session in the main room where many of LA's best bboys have practiced over the years. For kids of all ages, this open session is especially worthwhile because of Mike "Iceman" Rivera. He supervises the free sessions and is a well-respected figure in the street dance and bboy community. Formerly from the West Coast Rock Steady Crew and a frequent judge at bboy contests, Iceman also fosters a community service performance program where Homeland dancers of all ages showcase at local venues including middle schools, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and the Martin Luther King Day Festival. On Tuesday nights, Iceman has taught several kids, around ages 6-12, the basics of bboying as part of the session. (Photo above is from the Myspace site for Homeland.)

Info for Homeland includes:
Homeland Cultural Center
1321 E. Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90813
Tuesday nights, 6pm-10pm
Free Open BBoy Session
Call the Homeland office at 562.570.1655

You can see the myspace site for Homeland here:

This session and Iceman's instruction are highly recommended for kids who want to learn bboying. Iceman is adept at helping kids master the basic with the strengths they already have. Above all, he maintains a high energy, spirited vibe that encourages kids to have fun with their dancing. Parents should make sure their kids have knee pads and beanies because their little ones will likely be rolling and spinning around the floor by the end of the night. Also, it's recommended to first call the Homeland office to inquire about bringing your kids to Homeland for classes with Iceman.

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