Monday, November 16, 2009

Spotlight On: Project D

We want to show some love to our brothers and sisters on the East Coast this week. So to kick it off, today's spotlight feature is on Project D from New Jersey. They're a warm-hearted hip hop choreo team with a heart for community. As the East Coast choreo scene grows, Project D have put themselves out there in showcase competitions as well as extended their presence online to help connect dancers in the surrounding areas. Recently, they competed at the Elements X competition in Boston and took second place. They call Bergenfield, New Jersey home where Step by Step Dancesport, Inc. has been a location for their auditions and classes. (Photo above is of their 2009-2010 team from their pdstyle website.)

You can see Project D's official website here:

And you can check out their official Youtube channel here:

As stated on their website, the letter "D" in their name stands for "dedication and devotion to dance." Those are words that they don't take lightly. They've represented at several East Coast competitions including the most recent World of Dance New York in June 2009. Project D has been vocal online about raising up the East Coast choreo team scene. And that kind of openness and communal vibe can only bring positive change. For us in California, Elm Pizarro's site has been a hub for much of the information, videos, and discussions about the collegiate choreo scene as well as those moving into the professional entertainment industry. Project D has partnered with Boogiezone to bring the NJ edition of classes to their area. And several southern California choreographers have traveled to NJ to teach these classes. Project D's focus on growing local dance community is a sign that they're not about glorifying themselves. They're making it clear that they care about others and want to grow together.

Their dancing is energetic, open to many influences, and geared towards raising up the different creative voices within their company. Check out the videos at their official Youtube channel for proof. They've also got a good sense of humor, which spices up their stage presence. At World of Dance NY, one of their most eye-catching creative choices were the LED-style lights on their T-shirts. It's a small thing. But that attention to presentation shows that they care about minute touches that can add to their dance.

They're a young company that continues to grow at each performance. With youth comes great energy, a willingness to experiment, and a visible respect and affection for each other. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a team that has this much love for every member. We're hoping that Project D will continue to contribute to the East Coast community and be a creative force for many local dancers.

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