Monday, November 2, 2009

Listen In: Ladyhawke's "Back of the Van" (Remix)

To make up for last week, here's an early Listen In feature for another mind-bending song. It's "Back of the Van" (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine Mix) by Ladyhawke. She's a New Zealand-born musician who's multi-talented with singing and songwriting chops. Critics have described her as being influenced by the 1980s rock sound. This remix is hard-hitting, fast-paced and can get you hyped into another plane of existence. (Photo above is from the Wikipedia entry for the original song, not the remix mentioned here.)

You can see her official website here:

And you can see her myspace site here:

If you check her myspace, you can see that she's currently touring in Australia through November 2009. She's definitely one worth listening to.

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