Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Person POV: The Movement Fashion Show

Last night at the El Rey Theatre in Hollywood, an organization called Spare Some Change hosted a fashion fundraiser supporting programs reaching out to homeless youth in the U.S. Needless to say; it was a vibrant, high-energy event that brought artists, musicians, dancers, designers, and models together under one roof. And it was fabulous. We'll leave the fashion commentary to the qualified professionals, but we want to compliment Spare Some Change for bringing together a great calvacade of creative minds to support youth in need. (Photos above are from the online fliers distributed by Spare Some Change.)

You can see the site for Spare Some Change here:

There were many great designs by RJ, Victor Louis Couture, ABS, and ONI showcased as well as performances by Starpool, DJ Taryn Manning and the White Kidz, DJ ZAD, and dance troupe In Rhythm With Him. Perhaps we'll see more multi-arts collaborations like these in the future to support social change!

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