Friday, November 6, 2009

Listen In: Feist's "Sealion" (Chromeo Remix)

Music-wise, we're wrapping up this week with a Listen In feature on Feist's Sealion (Chromeo Remix). It's got a groovy bassline with Chromeo's trademark synth sound and vocals interspersed throughout the track. Nova Scotian musician Feist covered the pre-remix version of this song on her 2007 album The Reminder. Initially, the title was Sealion Woman, since that's title of the original American folk song. It was documented as being first recorded by Herbert Halpert in 1939. (Photo above is from the Wikipedia entry on Feist.)

Here's a version of the song:

It's the kind of track that has a lot of layers you can play with as a dancer. Great opportunities for musicality. Enjoy!

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