Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Every Moment is a New Opportunity

One thing I've learned from freestyling is that every moment is a chance for a new opportunity.

That's probably one of the simplest life lessons that's hard to grasp. Admittedly, it's hard to get through a day with a clear head when you have so many things on your mind: school, work, finances, relationships. The list goes on. Our heads can get cluttered with things that we need to do and regrets about things we should've done. If you thought morning traffic was congested, we can take a look inside our heads and find an even more tangled landscape.

But how different would it be if we looked at life as a stream of moments waiting to be fully lived? If every moment is a chance for something new, a chance to bring change, then our daily experiences might be different.

I have to thank an OG popper Phantasm, from Mysterious Poppers, for giving me a great analogy when it comes to freestyle dance, and possibly life:

"Dancing is like surfing. You don't control the wave. You ride it. With music, ride it like a wave. Let it move through you and take you to new places."

These were his words, more or less paraphrased. I think Phantasm opened up a new window to dance for me as well as an attitude for life. Letting music guide me in dance freed me from self-consciousness, over-thinking, and worrying about what comes next. I used to get stuck in a moment.

Don't we all feel like that sometimes? Today is passing by before our eyes but we're mentally somewhere else - maybe yesterday, maybe in a memory from years ago. But if I can let go of the past and embrace the now, I can be more available and receptive to discovering something transforming in the present. It might even open up my creativity because I'm more willing to take a risk in the moment.

Really every moment that passes is a chance to make a different choice. We don't have to make the same repetitious choice especially if it leads to a life less fulfilling. 

That's amazing to comprehend. Today can be different from yesterday. It sounds familiar, but when we act on

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