Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fusion of the BBoy & Popper Worlds

Last weekend was an example of some cross-pollination going on with the LA bboy and popper worlds. Breakfestival 2009 had bboy crew battles requiring each team to have at least one popper. The larger street dance scene could grow in interesting ways if there were more joint collaborations like this between different styles of dancers. Here's a video example:

Ground Breakaz/Funnier than Yours with Johnny 5 vs. Killafornia with Jsmooth

There was a battle last fall at the Undadog event held at the Bea Hive studio in Garden Grove, CA. It was a 2on2 battle with one popper and one locker vs. another popper and locker. Really interesting combinations popped up from this setup.

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